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Mud Buddy 44 EFI HDR

Meet the Incredibly Fast and Powerful
HDR 4400 Black Death

 Introducing the new Mud Buddy HDR 4400, the most powerful and reliable production high performance backwater outboard on the water today—and the next generation of V-Twin performance. Its power combined with its lightweight design makes the HDR 4000 an outstanding option for today's most demanding sportsmen.

Best Design Outdrive
The HDR industry exclusive cast aluminum and stainless outdrive is light and tough. The 3.8" thick outdrive casting is rock solid and indicative of the extent Mud Buddy will eneaver to give shallow water customers the best built backwater drive. Our cast aluminum transmission cover and stainless lower drive tube are unmatached.

Incredible Power - 4400 EFi or 4400 Mikuni Carb Models
The new HDR 4400 features a higher horsepower V twin motor that meets the needs or today's larger boats that want to get there faster. Additionally, the HDR 4400 has special features such EFI or the 42MM Mikuni carburetor, Black Death full flow intake manifold, stainless one piece valves, high compression BPS heads, K&N airfilter and the BPS stainless Q quiet and powerful muffler.

Faster Acceleration
The HDR when coupled with the new Raptor 3-blade or Hammer 2-blade propeller has the best hole shots you will ever experience, even with those large 20 foot loaded duck boats. Simply squeeze the throttle and you will be hooked.

Electric Shift F-N-R
The HDR 4400 electric shift is innovative and user friendly. The handle end controls are compact with no need to turn around or reach over your arm to trim or shift into forward, neutral or reverse. That easy and that simple. 

Mud Buddy

Quiet Performance
The HDR comes standard with BPS "Q" performance muffler. The Q has inreased flow with a smooth throaty sound. Simply said, more air in and more air out equals more power. 
Powerful Charging
The HDR 4400 has a lighter flywheel, CDI automatic advance ignition, a 4650 rev limiter and a 50 amp charger that keeps todays full feature light sets running on a full battery. Even when idling, common for many bowfishing, the engine charges a constant 20 amps.

Mud Buddy 37 EFI HDR

Vanguard EFI
933CC 4-Stroke Briggs Engine
Stainless Briggs Muffler
Cast Aluminum Outdrive
High Rev CDI Coils
Handle End Controls
Marine Finish
Marine Style Clamps
Stainless Drive Tube
Stainless Skeg
Built In Travel Lock
Big Blade Propeller
Tach and Hour Meter
Major Brown Color 
For 16' to 20' Boats
34" Drive





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