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The 861 has been drooled over by pro-staff members and sales representatives for months, but is now available for order.  The 861 represents a new breed of War Eagle models that is loaded with standard equipment, hull features and all the bells and whistles.  The 861, or the Predator, includes rod straps for bass fishing rods, and extended rod boxes to accommodate

longer crappie poles. The dual livewells are conveniently located in the bow and the rear. When you’re pulling the crappie out as fast as you can, you don’t have to worry about walking to the rear. Both livewells are 84 quart capacity and recirculating. Also located in the bow seat, is a round aerated baitwell for keeping your bait alive. This model boasts plenty of storage room, including two insulated ice chests, dry storage under seats, and added bow storage.  The interior is designed for comfort and convenience. Recessed drink holders, large comfortable seating, and low front deck provide the ultimate in comfort. The stylish console includes full instrumentation, no feedback steering and a windshield. The Predator is available in several color options including two-tone seats, that proves this is not your ordinary crappie fishing boat. Of course, all War Eagle models are available in your choice of seven (7) licensed camo patterns.  The 861 is built on an 18-degree V hull giving it an unbelievably smooth ride. The deeper V and high side depth keeps you from being pushed around on windy days. Like all War Eagle models, the 861 has our acclaimed wings transom design for the best maneuverability and handling. The hull of the 861 also has a reverse chine making it easy to turn and easy to drive.  The 861 is rated for engines up to 115 horsepower. However, it runs great with smaller engines too. In water tests, it has ran at 34mph on GPS with a 2-stroke 50 horsepower engine. The option of a smaller engine and all the standard equipment make this model very affordable. If you are looking for a year round fishing rig, this is a great investment.

 Model Length Width Beam Side Depth  Hull Gauge  Transom Height  HP Rating  Hull 
861 18'5"  61"  89"  23"  .100  21"  115  18° V 





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