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THOR Boats Is Proud To Present The Next Generation Of Hunting, Fishing, And Recreational Watercraft Created To Make The Most Of Your Adventures. From Running Through The Marsh To Skimming Across The Lake Or Bay, THOR Boats Will Keep You On The Water.



THOR BOATS Lake Hammer series

THOR 1754 Lake Hammer (LH1754T)

The Lake Hammer series by THOR Boats was created by real Outdoorsmen who have spent decades in the field. After years of dealing with poor reliability, cracked welds, faulty wiring, and so much more, we decided it was finally time to build a better boat. Built from the ground up with reliability, integrity, and performance in mind, the THOR Lake Hammer is prepared for the unpredictable. The THOR Lake Hammer series was uniquely designed to raise the bar and challenge the status quo by being as tuff as a tank yet handled like a sports car.

THOR 1860 Lake Hammer (LH1860T)

The THOR 1860 Lake Hammer (LH1860T) takes the Hammer Series to a whole new level with a larger front deck, more floor plan options, and a smaller step transom that doubles as an extremely effective splash well. Featuring the original Anvil Hull design with its distinctive lines, reverse chines, and performance strakes, the LH1860’s hull gives this boat tremendous lift, an ultra-smooth ride, and the rugged durability that sets the THOR Boat’s Hammer Series apart from the competition.

THOR 1860 Lake Hammer Side Console (LH1860SC) 

The THOR 1860 Side Console Lake Hammer (LH1860SC) is the latest addition to the Hammer Series line. Featuring the THOR exclusive Hammer Head bow cap and Anvil Hull, this side console is as rugged as they come, but don’t let its strength fool you. Thanks to its Lightning Rail keel it handles like a sports car, making the LH1860SC just as agile as it is tough.


The THOR 1754 Swamp Hammer is the second offering in the Thor Boat’s Hammer Series. To create the Swamp Hammer, we started with all of the strength, agility, and performance features of the original Lake Hammer, including THOR’s original Anvil Hull design and unique Hammer Head Bow Cap. Then, to accommodate a mud motor and make it shallow water-friendly, we opened the floor plan at the transom, moved the driver four inches closer to the tiller handle, and inverted the performance strakes to reduce drag across mud, rocks, and stumps. The result is a shallow water vessel built for a surface drive motor that rides ultra smooth and turns great.





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